Frequently Asked Question

What value have you created?

Answer: Based on our proprietary artificial intelligence-driven multifactor biometric-based user identification technology we have created a zero-trust payment infrastructure where any payment fraud is significantly reduced or impossible.

Who are your clients?

Answer: There are three types of clients:
– Customers
– Businesses
– Banks and Financial companies.

How are you going to earn money? (What is your business model?)

Answer: Our services for customers are free, including free FX and free payments. We provide our merchant and cross-border payment services to SMEs, financial companies, and banks charging 0.1% from the transaction at the merchant or the bank side.

What is your place in the supply chain?

Answer: DigiDoe offers three solutions for the supply chain.

1. The touchless hassle-free payment services for retail customers and SMEs, including acquiring devices that use multifactor biometric-based identification and initiate payments with or without traditional cards or mobile devices.
2. Low-cost cross-border secure payments in different currencies.
3. DigiDoe provides APIs and SDKs to banks and financial companies enabling them to provide new user experiences for their clients.

Is DigiDoe is another digital bank or remittance company?

Answer: No, DigiDoe is more than a digital bank or a remittance company. DigiDoe is the secure worldwide payment infrastructure for customers, businesses, and financial institutions.

Do other companies have any rights to this technology?

Answer: No. We have patented our technologies and solutions.

Who are your competitors?

Answer: There are no direct competitors. We would like to partner with VISA and Mastercard, who may be our competitors in the future but instead, we would like to have them as partners. They do not have a product and a technology similar to us.

Do you offer debit or credit cards to your customers?

Answer: Our payment solutions work with and without traditional cards. Many customers already have cards from reputable providers and can integrate them into DigiDoe infrastructure to add an additional level of security. DigiDoe debit cards is an optional feature that many retail customers select to have.

How do you manage client satisfaction and loyalty?

Answer: There is a loyalty module in our solution. This module is managed by AI and designed to minimize customer complaints, increase the speed of transactions, optimise access to the application, and additional services the client may need. A customer can integrate existing loyalty cards with our application to make transactions faster, more convenient, to get personalised offers, and to improve budgeting.

Why are you not just a technology vendor?

Answer: This is our choice. We are not just building blocks of technology that can be integrated into other banks or financial companies. We are building disrupting new worldwide fraud-free payment infrastructure that will allow banks, financial companies, and merchants to offer to customers a new user experience and make existing services faster, cheaper, and more secure.

Why did you register in the UK while with the same amount of work you could have a license in 27 countries?

Answer: We will get a license for the 27 EU countries as a next step. But the deployment of the IT solution in the EU will cost us a fraction of the price for the UK central IT platform. All personal data of the UK clients will be in the UK, for Europeans in the EU, for Americans in the US, and Asians in their regions. But the UK has the best IT infrastructure to link all these locations into one central company hub for the anonymised data analysis, AML, and fraud prevention.

Is DigiDoe a micro-payment fintech?

Answer: No, DigiDoe is not a micro-payment fintech. The DigiDoe application allows making payments of any size even using multilevel signature authorisation for small and medium enterprises. Micro-payments that are not economically viable for traditional card payments are a cherry on the top.

Does a merchant require to substitute their current payment processor?

Answer: Not necessary, the merchant can substitute its current processor because our services are cheaper. However, it can continue using the existing card payment processor. However, DigiDoe solution is plug-and-play and significantly cheaper than any known on this date UK competitors. We may make a counteroffer to merchants who have a significant retail client base.

What is DigiDoe’s competitive advantage?

Answer: DigiDoe offers a completely new, free and very compelling user experience to customers and at the same time significantly improve merchants’, banks’ and financial companies’ revenue streams and cut compliance and operational costs.